Employee Engagement Is A Challenge For Organizations Essay

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Problem Analysis Paper
Corporate loyalty continues to be a challenge for organizations, with studies showing each year an organization loses 20-50% of its employee base (Wharton, 2012). Contributing causes to this lack of engagement include the recession-based mass layoffs, reduction of benefits, and the addition of more work for the same pay (Wharton, 2012). Increasingly, employee loyalty continues to be defined as employee engagement, meaning the level of commitment and motivation the employee has in regards to the work itself in support of the organization (Wharton, 2012). Focusing on improving employee engagement throughout the employee lifecycle is a critical component in this journey. This paper will focus on employee engagement throughout its lifecycle and focus on proposing a potential solution for increasing a cohesive solution for all stages in the employee-organization relationship.
Challenges with the Employee Engagement Lifecycle
The employee engagement lifecycle is all steps in the cycle of employee-organization relationship, including Prospect, Recruitment, Onboarding, Development, Advancement, Retirement, and Alumni. However, the employee engagement lifecycle is a broken cycle because many life cycles are only defined from recruitment to termination, with heavy emphasis on coaching and discipline instead of development and post-retirement opportunities (Gerke & Associates, Inc., 2010). At university campuses, job fairs are common and organizations market…

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