Employee Engagement And The Human Resource Management Essay

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Facing fierce competition and new challenges in a business organization,employee engagement,which is one of the most fundamental components of the human resource management (HRM),is now spotted by practitioners and consultants and thought as an effective way to keep or improve the competitiveness of organizations.The purpose of this essay is to illustrate the definition of employee engagement and methods to get more employee engaged.Employee engagement could be defined as a standard to measure employee’s work performance by analyzing employee’s cognitive,physical and emotional behavior.Actually,the way of improving employee engagement could be varied but only three representative dimensions will be focused on in this essay,which are management skills,person-environment fit and job satisfaction.

Firstly,the definition of employee engagement will be discussed.As a broad term that could be conceptualized in various of subjects,it’s hard to find an universal definition of employee engagement but in specific terms the concept had been defined.For instance,Kahn (as cited in Shuck,2010) pointed out that in need-satisfying perspective,employee engagement could be defined as an motivational variable that spanning the extrinsic and intrinsic continuum and promoting the use of an employee’s full self in work roles,which considers engagement as a need for employee’s satisfaction.This definition is practically significant but obviously it is not the only factor that employees get work…

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