Tanglewood Open Recruitment Strategy

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In open recruitment, companies do not segment in the labor market on the basis of company KSAOs to find the potential candidates. The advantage of this method is that it assures a diverse set of applicants to be considered as qualified for the job opening. It is fair as all met the opportunity to apply, and it is useful when a large number of applicants in an organization are required. On the basis of this, media can be considered as the open recruitment because it reaches a large number of audience. Moreover, kiosks can fit into this category as the organization does not segment the candidates as mentioned above. Kiosks provide opportunities for applicants to watch short videos at the entrance of store explaining what the job entails (Kammeyer-Mueller, J. p.21, 2015). In an open recruitment approach, there is a benefit of lower resource and personnel cost per applicant, and less effort in segmenting the market to find desirable candidates with specific KSAO’s (Mello, J. A 2011). …show more content…
This process narrows the pool of potential applicants, allowing the organization to concentrate efforts on the most qualified (Mello, J. A 2011). For example, state job services and staffing agencies can be viewed as targeted recruiting method. According to Tanglewood Casebook, “the employment service help with providing a set of qualifications required for work, and assists in providing initial screening and hiring recommendations” (Kammeyer-Mueller, J. p.21, 2015). In addition, employee referrals can be an example of targeted recruitment since current employees inform the potential applicants about the organization culture and background of how the work is done in Tanglewood. Overall, this method is best when the organization needs specific skill sets that are short in supply which is the staffing situation and recruiting goal of Tanglewood for the potential future and its

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