Hillcrest Employee Performance Analysis

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Over the past year Hillcrest has experienced a dramatic increase in the number of employee turnover rates. This paper will focus on why empowering our employees are so imperative to our organization’s performance. Furthermore, it will concentrate on the development of a program we can utilize to abate the high employee turnover rates, in addition to stating why this is such a crucial concern to Hillcrest. Moreover, this paper will break down the program into categories that focus on empowering our employees through the needs-based theories, along with both extrinsic and intrinsic factor theories of motivation.
The necessity for engaged and motivated employees is so imperative for the efficiency in an organization. As supported by Gallup’s research, of over 1.2 million health care employees, engaged employees have increased productivity, are safer,
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A great quote by Ted Rubin given in a Ted Talk video on employee engagement says, “Empower your employees and they will power your brand” (2012). If we can create an environment where our employees feel valued, and specifically like they are an equal asset to our organization than together we will strive to accomplish the goals of Hillcrest.
For the same reason as to why I should not have to update my resume if this recommendation does not get the CEO’s approval, this organization needs to remember that the core is made up of employees. Employees that cost the company overtime money to replace, additional time and resources to replace, and further training to replace. We need to start valuing our employees and realizing that what we put into them will thus be put into the work that drives Hillcrest. The numerous benefits that motivating our employees possess have been stated in this paper, and can bring vital improvements to Hillcrest if

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