Employee Engagement And Retention For New Generations Essay

1990 Words Nov 15th, 2016 8 Pages
In present day, managing the workforce becomes more and more challenging for management. Daily, management is faced with employee engagement and retention for new generations. What seems to be the problem with management? Why has it become more and more difficult for management to manage those employees? This research was conducted because “for the first time ever, four generations of employees are working side by side in the same organizations. All hold different values, morals, dreams, desires, ambitions and styles of working” (Bennett, J., Pitt, M., & Price, S. (2012)). The primary goal of this research was to identify how to manage the New Workforce.
This research was conducted for personal fulfillment and current workplace struggles. I feel very passionate about this topic because I am currently at a situation in which I see the problems that a company faces through two different positions; one as manager and the other one as an employee. I have been in the workforce as a full time for about 6 years now, in three different sectors. And yet, I still wonder, how can we manage to get along at work. And then the following questions rise; what am I doing wrong? Is it me? How can I improve? Am I on the wrong industry, field? Why it is that I can’t be happy at work? Could it be because I have not found the right fit for me? But then again, would I ever find that?
Every morning that I wake up, I get up with a positive mentality and tell myself that today;…

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