Emotional Growth And Maturity Takes Place Through The Fulfillment Of Needs Within One 's Environment

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Emotional needs
Mussell stated that “emotional growth and maturity takes place through the fulfilment of needs within one’s environment (Mussell, 2005). Primary emotional needs are recognition, acceptance, understanding, love, privacy and discipline (Mussell, 2005). In accessing my emotional development, I have understood the needs that are adequately met and those that need emotional nourishment. Coming from a very supportive and stable family, my needs as an infant were met, this allowed me to develop trust in people. Within my family, I find myself living in social unity, sustained by a web of pre-existing relationships and obligations (Cherry, 2016). Receiving positive recognition from my parents, I am always inspired to do the right things in life. Discipline was viewed as a person’s ability to “regulate and control his emotional energies and applies them to acceptable challenges” (Mussel, 2016). My parents clearly knew that this quality did not develop in response to abuse, therefore, punitive treatment was condoned in my home. This contributed to my ability to choose how I feel, discriminate between different feelings, label them appropriately, and to use emotional information to guide my thinking and behavior. Understanding requires non-judgmental attitude, good listening skills and willingness to see the world from others point of view (Mussell, 2005). With open communication being an important aspect of my life, I look to fellow family members for verbal and…

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