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Emirates Group is a group of companies of which they are concentrating on delivering the best line of services based mainly on aviation, travel, and tourism. The group has been operating for a long time in the airline industry of which we will be concentrating on. As of the group is employing more than 62,000 employees in the region, one of its most important areas to look at is its line of communication with its stakeholders. Communication has been a big issue within big organization for its complexity. Therefore, having a well-integrated line of communication between all the stakeholders is very important to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.

Emirates Group line of communication is based on different tools used
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It is much easier for the Dnata, the largest travel management organization in the Middle East, to provide its customers with the best deals and the best services across the world. Dnata ensures the safety and the pleasurable stay in many different destinations with the bond created with travel agencies in other countries. It could be very hard for Dnata to produce such loyalty with its customers of it did not have the right communication tool with its suppliers across the globe.
Another use for intranets is the social media, where most of the people in this world are well connected today. Employees used not to have a well communication basis where they could easily keep in touch and build bonds with each other to ensure a better working environment. Emirates Group has its own social media network of which it keeps its employees, managers, and even its customers well intact. The social media produces many advantages to the organization where everyone would feel free to share their thoughts and chat about their experience. Usually people find it as a waste of time and effort for it is nothing but a chat at the end of the day, but these small chats usually produce unexpected ideas that could be implemented within the workforce to produce an incredible product or project.

Governments are usually a big issue for the airline industry as they are the ones mainly responsible

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