Emerging Technology - Robotics Essay example

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Emerging Technology - Robotics
Team A
Professor Stuart Vanorny
28 February, 2013
DeVry University

Introduction & Brief description of robotics technology: (Elizabeth Burrier) Robotics has been coming further and further in technology over the years. Robots are not just something you see in the movies, they are now used by the military, NASA and the medical field. This paper will take you through the world of Robotics, and show you the best, newest and what is to come.
There was a big popularity Automatons in ancient and Medieval times were very popular. Simple automatons for the use as tools, toys and as part of religious ceremonies were made possible by the Ancient Greeks
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Adding to the momentum towards actual robotics was The Industrial Revolution and the increased focus on mathematics, engineering and science in England in the Victorian age. Charles Babbage worked to develop the foundations of computer science in the early-to-mid nineteenth century, his most successful projects being the difference engine and the analytical engine. Although never completed due to lack of funds, these two machines laid out the basics for mechanical calculations. Others such as Ada Lovelace recognized the future possibility of computers creating images or playing music.
Automata continued to provide entertainment during the 19th century, but coterminous with this period was the development of steam-powered machines and engines that helped to make manufacturing much more efficient and quick. Factories began to employ machines to either increase work load or precision in the production of many products.
Robotics became a burgeoning science and more money was invested. Robots spread to Japan, South Korea and many parts of Europe over the last half century, to the extent that projections for the 2011 population of industrial robots are around 1.2 million. Additionally, robots have found a place in other spheres, as toys and entertainment, military weapons, search and rescue assistants, and many other jobs. Essentially, as programming and technology improve,

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