Meaningful Work: Rethinking Professional Ethics Summary

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Bridger Haffey
Mini Paper 2
Embracing Wholehearted Activity: The Manager and Engineer’s Responsibly
Following the Industrial Revolution, the role of effective management has shifted from the focus on pure production output through brute force to a more human resource focus of motivating workers to perform efficiently. This shift has been heavily recognized by management theorists like Maslow that suggested that for a person to reach their highest working potential of self-actualization, their basic needs (food, water, shelter, health, etc.) and their psychological needs (recognition, love, acceptance, etc.) must be satisfied first. Before Maslow brought about this new approach, workers were typically expected to work at maximum efficiency while
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11). Within this claim, Martin puts a higher value on satisfaction through meaningfulness of activity than other motivators like efficiency. He later argues that in a world of poverty and economic uncertainty, assuming there is ample financial compensation, work that keeps us continually busy and bored can be tolerable temporarily, however, most of us need more from our …show more content…
Engineers have a great influence on the overall satisfaction that workers see in the company that employs them. While efficiency itself can ultimately bring in copious amounts of profits, quality of design keeps pride and esteem at its highest level. Workers are often motivated by the “greater purpose” of their job. True fulfillment is heightened by the impact that is made beyond the walls of the facility. For example, Patagonia, a company whose values are to save the world by designing products that last and are easily repairable. In their book, ‘The Responsible Company’, Stanley says: “meaningful work, it turns out, is not only doing what we love but also giving back to the world” (Stanley, 2016, p. 39). Every person wishes they had the means to give back to the world and are typically drawn to careers that fulfill that need. Designing products and systems that give back to others strongly satisfies the workers craving for meaningful

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