The Code Of Ethics In The Workplace

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A business is set out to make profit but do that a business must have employees. The workers play a huge role because they help maintain the store. They do a variety of jobs throughout the company. In order to make sure the business runs smoothly a Code of Ethics should be put into play. The Code of Ethics can also be known as the Code of Conduct and it helps define guidelines that the employees of a certain company must follow it also tells the values and mission the company asks the employees to uphold. This can vary from business to business most of the company have similar interest. This helps the entire employee’s because it shows what is appropriate and what’s not. It also helps with make a company run better because everyone knows what …show more content…
If one employee was harassing another employee the human resources department will be able to inform them that they are violating the Code of Ethics. Some people don’t even know that they are violating this code. When an employee keeps asking another employee out and that one keeps rejecting that is a violation. The Code of Ethics that I looked up was Payless and researched that if an employee does anytime of work off the clock that is a violation. Also another thing was taking deposits off the clock because as a former employee that code was violated by some other employees. These little things could turn into major problem. This is why the Code of Ethics of important. Imagine a business without this code; it would be completely insane because everyone would be doing whatever they wanted instead of upholding the mission of the …show more content…
Some company’s may ask for mandatory overtime when needed and others may say that a person should not be forced to work. After knowing what the employees are obligated to some employees may want revisions such as vacations and etc. This helps because it gives the chance for the employees to understand the companies wish and for the companies to understand the employees. Also training is included in Code of Ethics because they want all employees to have the correct training. This is much benefited because it helps the company run smoothly and helps with it be successful. It helps with the effectiveness of the product as

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