Embers Essay example

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Sung Jin Moon
Professor Brennan
ENGL 110 A6
July 8, 2012
Dusty Nostalgia Humans can be acknowledged as dependent species whom need to necessarily rely on other humans to seek happiness in their life. Majority of happiness are originated from the bond and relationship people make with each other. Values and meanings of relationship cannot certainly be measured with tangible objects; yet, respect and feelings of love can only be obtained by truly understanding one another. In a novel, “Embers,” the author, Sandor Marai, articulates the true friendship between Konrad and Henrik. The dream, passion, and youth which Konrad and Henrik shared burned furiously until lust and envy within human nature had devoured the burning flame. Even though
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Konrad who grew up in poverty never felt satisfaction in his life whereas Henrik who grew up in a rich family obtained everything he desired. Furthermore, Konrad was thirsty for the knowledge in music while Henrik was devoting his life in the army. In spite of Henrik and Konrad’s different nature, they still believed that their friendship is more valuable and contained greater meanings in their lives. Whenever they encountered hardships, by overcoming and enduring the obstacles, they began to realize and understand more about one another. Thus, even after forty-one years and forty-three days, one knew another as if they were reading an open book. Moreover, when the very truth, Krisztina’s diary, was in Henrik’s hand, he does not thoughtlessly open the book. He considers Konrad’s opinion. The following passage contains a conversation which expresses Henrik and Konrad deep understands of each other:
“Would you not like to, or would you not dare to?” the General says with the cold arrogance of a superior officer addressing his junior. Their eyes meet over the book and stay locked. The General keeps holding it out to Konrad, and there is no tremor in his hand. “I decline to answer this question,” says the guest. “I understand,” says the General, and in his voice there is a strange hint of satisfaction (204).
It seems as if Henrik already knew the answer, however, he tries to force an answer out of Konrad.

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