Stress Of A Modern Day Teacher

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The Stress of a Modern-Day Educator Stress among teachers is increasing due to large workloads and an emphasis on high test scores in their class. Educators must be able to stay focused, however, if society does not decide the reason for the education system to be in effect it will not matter if the teachers are focused or not. Education has always been a part of the world. The first American school was founded almost four hundred years ago, over the years, many things have changed: some of these changes were for the better, but others might not have been for the good of the students’ future. Learning from the past may be the best course of action to reduce stress in educators and set students up for a brighter future. Close to fifty …show more content…
Education has been in the world, in one way or another since the beginning of the world. Teaching started as an agreement between two people, the student and the educator. The student had a desire for knowledge and the educator wanted to share what he or she knew. Modern day education has become more about grades, not about a need or a want to learn. “Throughout history, teachers and teaching have tended to reflect the culture and needs of the society in which they were located” (Houston). This certainly makes sense, however, is doing well in school all that is important in society? The idea of “No Child Left Behind” is good in some ways, however, when children come to school unwilling, they are unlikely to learn no matter how hard the educator tries. Teachers will never be able to help every child, there must be better-defined expectations. Find a middle ground where a child’s future is not completely reliant on teachers. For children to learn, parent involvement and adequate resources are also factors. To put the blame on a teacher for societies problems does not address underlying problems. Society needs to look at history to see what has worked previously and find what might work in the modern …show more content…
For teachers to properly do their jobs they have to know why they are teaching. In the same vein, the education system must figure out what they should teach the next generation. In Neil Postman’s book, The End of Education he stated that “At its best, schooling can be about how to make a life, which is quite different from how to make a living” (Preface). Education should teach students the tools they will need to create a life, not how to get ahead in school. The system is not preparing children for the real world, it is showing them how to do well in school. Which is important, children need to do well in college, but what will they do after that? Teachers cannot and should not have the weight of that question on them. Parents and educators need to work together for the future. Teachers should focus on their students understanding the topics they are being taught. However, that is not the case, society needs to adjust and figure out what students and educators need. In doing so, both teachers and students can have better

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