Ellen Degeneres : An Episode Of A Single Moment And Changed The Way You Think Of Something Completely?

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Have you ever watched an episode of a show that has affected you in a single moment and changed the way you think of something completely? Ellen Degeneres had a sitcom in 1994 called Ellen and she was deep in the closet because at the time society was in a different state and was not ready for homosexuality. Ellen would later on decide to come out on her show while Millions of people watched and it caused so much controversy, negative attention, and loss of advertisers for her sitcom. Due to the public watching over Ellen’s every move it lead to her withdrawal for a while. According to Biography.com Ellen was first person to ever come out on television and the coming out episode helped open the eyes of people who have not been exposed to homosexuality that gay people are like any other average person. Ellen’s bravery could have spread off onto viewers helping them come out to their family and friends if they gained strength from the show. A single episode of Ellen could have showed many that they do not have to be uncomfortable with who they are and hide themselves forever. Also people would soon follow Ellen by coming out on other mainstream shows such as Modern Family, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Glee. Television has the power to impact people’s perceptions on sensitive topics such as homosexuality through a variety of shows. Glee is one of many shows that feature characters that is changing Americans’ attitudes toward homosexuality. Glee has pushed boundaries and…

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