A Quietly Queer Revolution By Danny Zaccagnino Article Summary

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While reviewing the article “When You Are a Gay Boy in America” by Danny Zaccagnino, I learned about many of the positive aspects of the LBGTQ community, while also gaining an understanding of what it is like to live a day in that community. I was entertained throughout the majority of the article and in the end, I could not be happier that he found his angel. While the ending was enjoyable, it was heartbreaking to see some the things he went through and how scary it could be for him at times. One thing that I am taking away from this article is that the technology and the media can often times ruin things for many people. There were two instances in the article that the boy received negative attention from the media, which stemmed from the …show more content…
The author states that some people can actually be a part of the LBGTQ community from the beginning. It is hard not to hear the many theories that state that people choose to be a part of the LBGTQ community instead of being born that way. In the article, the girl remembers wanting a girlfriend in kindergarten, prior to being influenced to believe a certain way was either right or wrong, based on societal norms. Children, that young, are unsure of how the world works, instead they are led by internal feelings rather than what the world wants them to do. Continuing on her journey, the author states that she was sixteen when she realized that she was bisexual, meaning she was sexually attracted to both males and females. Additionally, the author was stuck wondering if the way she was thinking was sin or not. For many, there is a theory that god made us for a reason, and the woman in this article was not sure if her being bisexual was just part of God’s plan for her. I believe that God would have wanted her to follow her heart, and decide to live a life that would bring her as much joy as

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