Elizabeth In Pride And Prejudice Analysis

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Elizabeth changes throughout Pride and Prejudice due to positive and negative influences of others like Darcy, Jane, and Mrs. Gardiner. Darcy toils with Elizabeth's heart throughout the whole tire novel, rather effecting her positively or negatively. Elizabeth’s older sister Jane is her role model in sense that she his the older sister, and influences her to lead for a better life. Mrs. Gardener leads Elizabeth into a romantic life for Darcy, and tries to move her into the direction of ultimitaley being with Darcy. Darcy does more then make Elizabeth fall in love but helps her understand herself, and even at their lows, he opens her mind to her feelings and overcoming her pride and prejudices. At their highest point in the relationship …show more content…
Jane being the eldest comes with the responsibility of being the role model, and is most vital to develop trust with your younger siblings. Jane gives superb advice to Elizabeth to let love move at it its own pace essentially, She also tells her that if he really favors Elizabeth, Darcy will come to her asking for Elizabeth's hand in marriage. As with any pair of sisters She could tell that Elizabeth was falling into a spiral of emotions for Mr. Darcy. Jane gives plenty of reassuring confidence to her little sister, and gives her more hope that Mr. Darcy will come to a realization that he wants to be with Elizabeth, despite of his engagement to Lady De Bourgh’s niece. With Jane being the role model she carries some traits that are most vital for being an older sister. One of her most important traits are being such an honest person. When she sees something's wrong in Mr. Darcy’s and Elizabeth’s relationship she gives Elizabeth her honest opinion, and tells her what she needs to do in order to take the next step in the relationship. She says that Mr. Darcy should not have to think about rather being with Elizabeth rather than Lady De Bourgh's niece, because if he really deserved Elizabeth he would go ahead and cancel the marriage. Elizabeth takes Jane’s advice to heart, and sticks to it, because she knows Jane knows best. Not only that she looks up to Jane. Jane also seems to be

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