Pride And Prejudice Music Analysis

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Music comes in where words cannot evoke the emotion. Pride and Prejudice, is a movie directed by Joe Wright, and was released in 2005. It is based on the novel “Pride and Prejudice,” which was written by Jane Austen in the 1800s. The film takes place in England, at a time where young women needed to marry someone of good standing in order to start families. Elizabeth Bennett is second to oldest of five sisters. She lives with her parents and sisters, and all need to find someone to marry. Elizabeth believes in true love, and when presented with the opportunity to get to know the new eligible wealthy man of the town, Elizabeth finds it more complicated than she thought. Mr. Darcy is selfish and too prideful in her eyes. But could
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Music is a component of the process by which an emotion is generated (Kalinak 18).When Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth meet again, Elizabeth sees and hears Darcy’s little sister the same song that plays at the beginning of the movie is heard again by the audience. Elizabeth gets closer and watches through a crack and watches as Mr.Darcy hugs her and the. They make eye contact, and this startles Miss Elizabeth greatly so she runs off with Mr. Darcy behind her. At the end of the movie Mr. Darcy is walking outside in the field while Miss Elizabeth is coming from the other side walking in the same direction. The scene starts off with birds chirping once again, and it is clear Mr. Darcy is walking towards Elizabeth. Meanwhile, the piano playing in the background becomes louder and in the higher range pitch wise, along with violins playing in the higher register. With this kind of music, the audience is able to empathize with the characters (Kalinak 5). There is a musical theme one might argue, that follows Elizabeth throughout the movie, but Marianelli states otherwise. Instead he says of it, “The opening could think of it as aside of her inner spirit that she does not even know about” (Burlingame). He is saying that this piece of music means what she is actually feeling inside, or a future feeling that has not fully yet developed. This piece of music is the better part of her. This is most certainly not the stubborn Elizabeth.
The music score for Pride and Prejudice conveyed a lot of the emotions in this film. The stillness and calm of the the early morning, to the love that Elizabeth has for Mr. Darcy and the connection they felt. The love towards one another. The music of this film captured the dance of the time, but not only this it created an emotional connection between the film and the audience. Sometimes, it was the dialogue in a

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