Essay about Elizabeth Johnson-Revisonist Method of Theology

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Elizabeth Johnson is perhaps one of the most preeminent Catholic theologians of the new millennium. The fact that she is a woman religious who writes from a feminist perspective adds to her unique and distinguished career. This paper will examine the revisionist method espoused by Elizabeth Johnson, in an effort to understand her approach to Christian feminism. An overview of revisionist methodology will be presented so as to understand the framework in which Johnson works. References to some of Johnson!s writings will then be presented in an effort to illustrate her revisionist method. Finally a survey of various critics will then be presented in an effort to determine what has made her method, approach and style groundbreaking in the …show more content…
In her book,

Consider Jesus, the emphasis is not just on tradition, but on a “living tradition”. Johnson is no advocate of a stagnant tradition, instead championing a living tradition which,”…hands on its inherited truth enriched through a living response to new experiences.”6 The fact that there are different ways of expressing the same faith,”...suggests that something is alive in history…nourishing not a dead, but a living tradition.”7 In line with revisionist thinking, the primary presupposition in all of Johnson!s writings is,”…that there is wisdom within Scripture and Christian tradition that has been lost, neglected, or suppressed and that it is to our benefit as Christian people to retrieve these pearls.”8 Reading any of her works, one cannot help but notice her thoroughness and methodical techniques. Faithful to the revisionist method of investigation, Johnson is thus,”…critical of any position that has not approached interpretation by means of critical methods of scriptural exegesis and hermeneutics of dogmatic statements…yet she attempts to balance a critical historical retrieval with the faith confessions an faith images of the people of God.”9 The “re-visioning” brought about by the investigation of lost and neglected wisdom in scripture and tradition, will expand Johnson!s methodologies. In one of her

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