Elizabeth Blackwell: Women In The Medical Field

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Today, women make up a majority of the medical field. We owe this evolvement for equality to many amazing people throughout history. A key figure in opening the doors to women is Elizabeth Blackwell. Elizabeth Blackwell is most prominently known as the first American woman to receive a medical degree. She campaigned for women to enter into the medical field and eventually opened a medical college for women. It is said that Blackwell turned to medicine after a dying friend made the notion that her worst suffering would have been spared if her physician had been a women.
Elizabeth Blackwell was born in England on February 3, 1821 to Samuel Blackwell and Hannah Lane. Her family moved to America when Elizabeth was eleven and spent a good amount
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In a world where women were viewed as inferior or not suited for certain professions, she helped paved the way for women in medicine. In today’s world, the medical field is made up with an outstanding number of women in all specialties. Although she faced much resistance from society about becoming a physician, she continued not only to maintain perseverance and professional conduct, but she made sure to share her success by creating ways for others to follow in her footsteps by taking on many predecessors. She is one of many women in history who refused to take “no” for an answer and found a way to pursue their dreams. We are still faced with opposition in today’s jobs, although more oriented in other fields such as engineering, military positions, and some research departments. She gives this struggle for equality and the idea of women in a predominantly male workforce a face and proven historical success. “The study of human nature by women as well as men commences that new and hopeful era of the intelligent co-operation of the sexes through which alone real progress can be attained and secured” (Blackwell, Pioneer Work in Opening the Medical Profession to Women: Autobiographical Sketches, pg. 253-254). Elizabeth Blackwell refused to let society place her in a box and established a plan to broaden the world’s horizons on social reforms and women in medicine. Her success in both have clearly made leaps and bounds for women in medicine. The fact that she is such a prominent historical figure in medicine is proof of her accomplishments. With her in mind, women today can face opposition and proceed to new beginnings and triumph in the world we live in

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