Polio Synthesis Essay

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As Henrietta went for her check up at Johns Hopkins, Doctor, Howard Jones found a large lump and cut off the tumor. When the results came back, she found that there was a malignant epidermoid carcinoma of the cervix stage 1 (Ursano 101). This scientist was now found to be involved in the wonderful HeLa cell. Junas Salk developed the polio vaccine with the help of the HeLa cells. Polio was a disease that was spreading fast! So all of the best scientists were on top of the HeLa investigation. Medical researchers seemed to cause an uproar on all materials that would lead them to a conclusion. Biomedical researchers learn that it is very rare to grow human cells, so the significance of Henrietta Lacks cancer cells was a moment that overcame a lot …show more content…
America’s buzz of the cell would soon impact the whole world for the better. Studying the diseases of what would become of the world excited researchers and scientists because they knew that they would obtain the key to all questions that appeared in the science world. The success of science tests humanity, was the test of human sensitivity to new products and substances that have not been known. Diseases that were overcome enforced a new way of thinking for not just America but all over as shown. HeLa cells helped all around the world, making contributes such as, developing the polio vaccine, gene mapping, vitro fertilization, chemotherapy, also in nuclear test sites from America to Japan sent from a space shuttle (Ursano 101). From the world perspective of science, success was sought from the constant investigations that others would not go through. Billions of people all over the world are thankful for the realization of the cells and contributions of one woman. Whether or not from the same part of the world, treatment was available to all from one of the best sources of America. Worldwide, a lot of people can live due to these …show more content…
Although Henrietta Lacks herself was not able to reap the benefits of her contribution to science, her family got to understand her a little more. The family bonded over the immortal cells of their mother through the spiritual sense of her always being there with him. Without the findings of HeLa, the world would not have had as many lives saved. Zakariyya never met his mother, but has had grudges toward the doctors that protected his mother for as long as he could remember and fathom what happened. He felt as though the doctors took advantage of his mom. With no sympathy to the medical world, he also despises how science never took acknowledgment on how his family never was able to reap the benefits of the biggest contribution. It is no until Skloot shows a representation of his mother’s DNA to where he feels as close to her as possible. It shows, “the strange and unexpected ways in which science can transform the emotional possibilities of human relationships” (Lantos 23). Understanding that he has never seen anything like this about his mother was sentimental to him and only Skloot could represent that and document that in a biography. Skloot shows the cause and effect of sugar coating the truth, or not representing the truth as a whole. She makes it obvious in not only the science world but also in the lives of the family. This is what

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