Elements Of Terroristic Threat : An Act Of Terror Essay

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The most commonly identified elements of terroristic threat are that it must be willful, have specific intent, be “unequivocal, unconditional and specific,” and cause reasonable fear. Specific intent means the utterance of the threat is enough for criminal liability, regardless if you do not plan to carry out your threat, or even have the means to. A willful threat is one with tangible violent or malignant intention behind it and can include both immediate and future harm. Though it has been seen that all elements are not required for an arrest. The statute is under Assaultive Offenses, but covers most, if not all, chapters in the Texas Penal Code, and due to it’s nature is also inchoate. I doubt its efficacy in preventing acts of terror but punitive measures need to be in place when a true terrorist is caught - but we must tread lightly in defining who is a terrorist and what constitutes an act of terror. In interpreting too loosely, strict political correctness could result. Sensitivities being harmed and new ideas can be healthy; on the other hand, extremism and unbalance in anything needs to be rectified. The need of such a statute is obvious, but there is difficulty in writing and implementing an arguably - yet understandably - vague statute. People need to know they can’t get away with terrorizing people but if used injudiciously, terrific results can be achieved by subtle means such as a fervent persecution of a designated population becoming an accepted norm.…

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