Elements of Montessori Education Essay example

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Elements of Montessori Education

Montessori education is a child centric method of education that caters to the complete development of the child. The three key elements of the Montessori method are - The adult (Directress), Prepared environment & Montessori materials.

The adult (Directress)
The Montessori directress plays an important role in the development of the child. She needs to offer the child what he needs, but unobtrusively & indirectly. She should stimulate the child to work for his self formation. For this she needs to understand her responsibility & prepare herself. The preparation of the directress in on three levels – spiritual, mental & physical; all done simultaneously.

On spiritual preparation, she has to be
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She should be pleasant & neatly dressed. Her tone of voice should be calm & clear & should speak softly. She must be hygienic & maintain cleanliness. All aspects of her physical personality i.e. movement, voice, mannerism, speech, dress, appearance should be positive.

The work of the directress is three fold. She is the guardian of the prepared environment & must always maintain it in its state of preparedness. She should keep on developing the environment as per the pace, rhythms & needs of the child. She should be aware of her environment throughout the day & make sure it is in order. She should clean & repair any broken material. Make sure all the sets are complete and in their proper place. She should not allow misuse of any material. She must create conditions in the atmosphere so that the children can work with concentration. She should make the Montessori materials come alive with her presentation but she herself must be detached from the outcome. While conducting group presentation, she should know how to call the group, how to conduct it & how to disperse it. She must not occupy the center stage & must be present as a helper & guide. As an observer, she is responsible for the child as well as the group. She should observe scientifically, unobtrusively & record with patience. Then she would know who needs help & in what direction. She is also responsible to the parents & should share her

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