Elements Of Effective Organization Organizations Essay

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Elements of Effective Organizations It has become an expectation and routine for organizations and companies to endlessly strive to accomplish their pre-determined expectations and goals while consistently measuring daily, weekly, or hourly progress to determine whether or not their internal process is operating at their maximum efficiency. To this end, there have been countless examples of companies who have successfully and unsuccessfully produced components that have helped define the elements of effective organizations. These examples, combined with an advanced competitive marketplace, assist in the importance of learning, not only from previous mistakes, but from every day business as well. Senge (2006) proposes that the organizations who excel and maintain employee commitment and foster learning in every level of their business will truly prosper in the future. Whether an organization or company’s goal is to yield the maximum amount of profit for their stakeholders or to assist the less fortunate through non-profit work, each entity requires a set of characteristics that allow the company to operate at its maximum efficiency and to achieve their desired state. In order to accurately assess the several elements of an effective organization and the positive and negative impact they have had over the history of organizations, one has to include such factors as organizational structure, communication strategies, underlying company principles, decision making and problem…

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