Elementary School Kids Should Not Be Responsible For Having Parents

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Elementary school kids should not be responsible for having to do homework because it could lead to many problems within the child themselves or even their family. Kids in elementary school are in school for about six hours. If homework is another two to three hours, that’s almost nine hours of school work for them. They are young and full of energy and should be able to let that energy out when they get home after a long day of school and not have to be focused on their homework. Parents have not been in school for quite some time. Every child is going to ask their mommies and daddies for help on math problems, etc. If the parents cannot provide help, this puts stress on them and the child cannot finish their homework. Another problem is that if the parents do know how to solve the problem but solve it a different way than what was taught, this could confuse their child and then they would go back to school not knowing how to solve it the way their teacher has shown them. Children put in five full days a week at school, which is plenty of time for them to learn the academic skills they need. What they need after school, just like adults, is time to unwind (Sprenger). Like I said before, children need a way to release their energy they build up sitting inside of the classroom. Most kids have sports practices or other types of extracurricular activities to do after school. If kids have practice on a night they have homework, it will be difficult for them to make time to…

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