Elementary School Classroom Field Experience Essay

711 Words Apr 22nd, 2016 3 Pages
As I reflect on my experiences based on my elementary school classroom field experience and the knowledge I acquired during my LIC 534 class, I can honestly say that my feelings/thought process has not changed in regards to what I believe to be true about teaching. I say this because I hold strong beliefs towards my views on teachings and student learning.
My beliefs still fall into three categories which are classroom environment, a source of knowledge, and self-discovery. As elementary teachers, I believe we set the foundation of education and it all begins with the classroom environment. The classroom environment should provide security, acceptance, and mutual respect. The purpose of this classroom atmosphere is to build/foster cooperative learning, growth, and emotional development for all students. In my opinion, I still believe that it is vital for teachers to act as a guide. It is beneficial to provide students with information, instead of acting as though they are the prime source of knowledge. I find students to be more eager to learn as their search for knowledge is acquired through self-discovery. This can only be achieved if we provide students with the opportunity to formulate their own knowledge by exploring and practicing skills in real life situations. I feel this can be established if we provide students with access to hands-on materials, create opportunities for individual discovery and provide time for academic growth. Overall, I feel that is it very…

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