Middle Level Education Philosophy

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As a middle school educator I know every aspect of my job is going to need me to be developmentally responsive to the needs of my students. The more I understand what is going to be required of me to be the best middle school teacher I can be, I can see my philosophy on middle level education developing. It is not the same philosophy I had when I started and I know it is going to continue to change as I gain more knowledge and experience in the classroom.

Middle Schools were created shortly after junior high schools. In 1963, Dr. William Alexander spoke at a Cornell University conference to examine the status and future of the junior high school, because they weren’t meeting the needs of adolescents the way they were planned to. Teachers
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The first part of the 16 characteristics deal with the curriculum, instruction, and assessment side of teaching. Educators should value young adolescents and be prepared to teach them in a way that they are engaged in purposeful learning. The curriculum should be challenging, exploratory, integrative, and relevant. Educators should use multiple different leaning styles and methods of ongoing assessments. The second section of the 16 characteristics deals with leadership and organization. As an educator you need to demonstrate courage and collaboration. You should be committed learning and research about this age group. The last part discusses culture and community. The school environment should be inviting, safe, inclusive, and supportive of each individual student. Every student should be guided by an adult advocate who gives the individual support. The school should have school-wide programs that support health and wellness. School activities should involve families in the education of their children and also involve the community in the school. Young adolescent development requires a developmentally responsive curriculum and a socially equitable learning environment. It is the job of administrators, educators, and faculty to work alongside parents and family members to ensure each child receives this learning experience. …show more content…
I strongly believe that it is the role and responsibility as a middle level educator to be a supportive, inspiring, advocate for your students. I have seen many situations in middle schools where students just really need someone to advocate for them, because they don’t know how to advocate for themselves. It also is our job as educators to inspire our students to want to learn. Middle school is often the time that is going to make or break a student. It is so important to let your students know that you care about them and that you are the biggest advocate for their success. One of the best things a teacher can do is build strong relationships with each individual student. By creating trusting relationships students feel more comfortable taking risks and learning through new experiences. It is the job of the educator along with the rest of the faculty and staff of a middle school to create a positive environment where all students actively participate in learning. I believe it’s not only the job of an educator to teach students the curriculum, but also to teach them how to be successful members of society. You need to teach them how to be genuinely good

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