Elementary Education Essay

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Elementary Education


8 November 2009

2 Elementary Education

School year 2007-2008, there were approximately 22,434 out of 450,000 students dropped out of high school a 5% dropout rate in the state of North Carolina (North Carolina Board of Education 2009). This rate was entirely too high and we as parents, teachers, educators, and a community need to work to combat this unacceptable rate. We have to start early to stress the importance of education to our children and go the extra mile(s) to assist them and instill in them that they can succeed no matter the odds. Education starts at elementary level; if it is not fostered at that level then graduating from high school is
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Lake Rim Elementary school have a no child left behind program that is active and a work in progress to assist students who has problems mostly in the areas of math, reading, and comprehension.

Parents play a very vital role in student success in school, especially at such area as math, reading, and comprehension an early age. Parents role is also vital in a school environment because it has prove that students do better in school if parents are involve. There are a number of roles a parent can play in a school setting. They can be the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) president or board members, they can volunteer to do reading in the library, test proctors, cafeteria monitors. They and assist with different activities throughout the school year such as fundraisers, carnivals, science and activity fairs, book fairs, field trips, and field day activities. There are many things parents could get involve within their child school during the school year. Students need support from home to have successful school days. Homework one of the biggest areas that students needs help with according to Kathleen Smith (2009) a kindergarten teacher at Lake Rim ”homework makes up 25% of students grades for the entire academic year.” This area is where students falls short and if their homework is not done and done to standards this is one of the factors where children starts falling behind

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