Electronic Products And Its Effects On Society Essay

1042 Words Nov 4th, 2015 null Page
In modern society, no matter in real life or in the online world, advertisements are ubiquitous and incessantly remind people of their social status as consumers. Among the advertisements, some of them try to convince people of donation to charity, some of them aim to win votes for political groups while most of them attempt to promote the sale of products. With the advertising influences, people are caught up in the vicious circle of constantly consuming goods, even goods they do not really need or they may already have. In most instances, people abandon their old ones when they get the new ones, which is a kind of waste and burden for society. Planned obsolescence and perceived obsolescence mainly lead to the behavior in that producers of goods intentionally lure people to consume new goods while people also subjectively perceive they need replacements. In the United States, electronic products are typically affected by planned obsolescence and perceived obsolescence, and this not only happens in the United States but China as well. Planned obsolescence means merchandisers intentionally lure people to consume new goods by designing products with a limited useful life or easily outdated elements. In the United States, electronic merchandise plays a more and more significant role in people’s daily life. As a merchandiser earns as much profit as possible, promoting the sale of products is the way to gain more profit. Therefore, electronic products are designed with planned…

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