Electronic Logic Vs. Electro Logic Essay examples

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Individuals are motivated differently and so Electro Logic must be able to incentivize and appeal to the wide range of its employees. In order to properly motivate new and continuing employees, it is imperative to find solutions for current and exiting employees in hopes of prevent a high employee turnover rate. Through various exiting interviews of employees from different departments it helps management see through the perspective of an employee. Following are examples of firsthand notes highlighting key employee thoughts and feelings toward work performance and the people involved.
For example Pat Klausen, Senior Member of the Technical Staff, says she enjoys her work, but the micromanaging and close supervision was an issue. She felt that the budget for her research was uncertain every month. This uncertainty is worrying especially for employees in stressed financial situations. She also voiced her concern about employee allocation during projects mentioning that sometimes personnel would be taken from her mid-project to accommodate for another project deadline, leaving her with more work and less time to train and bring new allocated employees up to speed.
I believe that to motivate an employee of this particular situation less supervision or more discretion should be left to the employee to build a better sense of empowerment and personal achievement. She will feel more confident in her work and in return be more productive. Pat’s uncertainty of job security creates a…

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