Electronic Ing Essay

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Admirim Ymeri

Jordan Misja, Tirana, Albania

Telephone: +355 69 3919969 (mobile) e-mail: adiymeri@hotmail.com


• Very good knowledge on IT systems, global system analysis, developing, testing and managing of software in several programming languages. Software Engineering, Software Analyst, Database designer and Administrator in ORACLE, SQL Server DBMS, PostgreSQL, etc., Software Designer, Software Developer, Network and System Administrator. • Experience managing national level large scale IT projects. • Experience in software development, through the full cycle, for requirements analysis, detailed specifications, project planning, resource management,
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• Install and test the system in IPRO central office and Tirana and Durres regional offices during transition phase and improve performance or functionalities as required. • Responsible for the migration of data in all existing systems to the new functional database at the end of construction phase. • Update Data Model with all elements needed to support the persistence implementation (e.g. tables, indexes, object-to-relational mappings, etc.) • Develop and participate in Database and Documentation during design of property registration system phase. • IPRO development team fully and technically trained on the database and able to use, maintain and update the database produced. • Database administration of the existing applications/system during the assignment average 1/3 of week. • Implement and execute tests to validate the stability of the build for each executable release created during the construction phase, at the end of iterations. • Frequently participate in the definition of new requirements and modification of existing ones.

Database Designing Consultancy 03/2009-03/2010
Land Administration and Management Project (LAMP)
Immovable Property Registration Office (IPRO)

• Identify data sources that may be required and determine the best methods to integrate those data within the

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