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There is but one china, and Taiwan is a part of China.” This statement, otherwise known as the One China Policy is absolutely correct. Today, China is a country divided into two separate governments; Taiwan which is governed by the Republic of China, and the mainland which is governed by The Peoples Republic of China (, Michal Roberge and Youkyoung Lee). Here lies the problem; each government claims that they are the true China! To fully understand this highly controversial dilemma, one must understand the complicated history behind this problem. At the end of the Chinese Civil War in 1949, the Chinese communist leader, Mao Zedong, exiled the old government and created a new nation: The People’s Republic of China (PRC) (Roberge and Lee). As a result of this exile, the Nationalist party if China, the KMT, fled to Taiwan and claimed its independence as a distinct State (Roberge and Lee). This divide has deteriorated the relationship between China and Taiwan, and tensions between the two nations are higher than ever. The controversy and debate of whether the PRC should control Taiwan is ongoing and there are definitely pros and cons to be argued on each side. When comparing the pros and cons of this argument, it becomes quite evident that unification would be beneficial to both Taiwan and China as it will improve their economies, lives, and secure stability in the region …show more content…
By unifying Taiwan and China, Industry would boom. China’s enormous labor supply would greatly supplement Taiwan’s industries, therefore providing many jobs to a Unified China (Philip Lin, China will become Taiwan’s gateway to the world if the two nations unify. In addition, Taiwan cannot afford to lose China as its trading partner as they account for thirty percent of their exports sold (Roberge and Lee). Unification of both of these nations would be beneficial as they could become an economic powerhouse. As it stands today, China is blocking Taiwan’s diplomatic relationship with other countries, but with a peaceful unification, both countries could have diplomatic relations with countries all over the world (Chen Kongli, Additionally, a united China will show fellow countries that China is, indeed, “one” and this unified nation would be an exceptional power in the world; therefore earning increased international status (Chen Kongli, In essence, Taiwan has the opportunity to become the new Hong Kong, and mimic the global and economic success of this region. Hong Kong and China are unified, yet Hong Kong has a high degree of autonomy (Chen Kongli, Hong Kong is able to thrive because of this, and Taiwan will certainly thrive if it becomes a part of the …show more content…
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