Electronic Devices During Class Time Essay

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Many university students use electronic devices during class time, some of which can be a distraction to their academic learning. he use of electronic devices in the classroom have increases over the past several years due to the electronic revolution. There are consequences involved with the increase in technology and the use of technological devices in classrooms. Some of the consequences related to this issue are dependance on the device, becoming a distraction to the user as well as those around the user, student laziness and becoming a source of interpersonal miscommunication.

The Internet has steadily become the main resource for humans in the past three decades. In 1982, Joe Roebuck, Apple 's director of sales development, told Oppenheimer (2003) “[t]here 's a personal computer being turned out once every six seconds”[flickering mind pg.9]. In the years to come the production and of personal computers have continually increased with the prices decreasing and the convenience to purchase and level of utility increasing. The Internet allows people to communicate instantly to anyone anywhere in the world, research articles and papers and even download e-books to your own computer, watch videos on YouTube and share them with your friends and family on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter and even apply for job positions. The Internet is a very useful tool for everyone 's needs, no matter what they may be. Even so, there are also may negative aspects that…

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