Essay on Electronic Clinical And Health Care

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The world as we now know it is constantly changing and so is health care. With the change comes improvements and developments especially regarding the development of technology. Health care is catching onto this development and starting to integrate technology into their work however, secondary health care settings are lacking behind time (Vadillo & Rojo 2016). Although some hospitals throughout the world have successfully transitioned into electronic clinical notes, some are still waiting to make that transition. So the question is not will the transition happen, but when will the transition happen. The topic of electronic clinical notes has been researched a lot and has found to improve the care given by nurses and improve patient outcomes while maintain patient safety and quality of care. There is both positives and negatives to having electronic clinical notes in a hospital setting and these include the privacy and confidentiality for patients, time management and electricity crashes, usability difficulty as well as hacking. All will be discussed throughout the essay with reference to relevant health policies and legislations. The future impact that electronic clinical notes will have on nursing will be identified with recommendations for nursing practice.
Health professionals such as nurses need to accept that electronic clinical notes are a necessity, not a choice and that it is part of all hospitals future plans (Blumenthal & Tavenner, 2010). The process from paper…

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