Elderly Couple Case Study

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Case of Elderly Couple John and Lydia are an elderly couple that are face with a lot of challenges due to their age, and social situations. Some of the challenges that they are faced with is their mobility is limited, and they are confused and forgetful. According to Broderick an Blewitt (2015), “Dementia is a syndrome that affects multiple functional domains do to chronic and progressive disease processes in the brain. Cognitive and emotional skills like memory, judgement, language, self-regulation, and motivation are progressively diminished” (pg. 561). The two of them are exhibiting these signs of dementia. Therefore, it is imperative for them to be supervised due to these circumstances. Not to mention, their mobility to navigate …show more content…
So, proper counseling is required. Sitting down with them to bring comfort, and trust that we will deliver the best service for them. It is essential to get John, Lydia, and the son to understand that money is not more important than a self-haven, and health. This period in their lives must be quite difficult. Cleary, they are set in their ways, because they have been living a certain way for so long. So, for them to just up and move will be heart-wrenching. It is obvious that this couple is willing to do whatever is needed to stay in the home. Giving these circumstances, the first option is to allow the couple to stay in their home, and have a home health aide help them with their necessities of proper living. Some of the things that home care help will provide is bathing, grocery shopping, cleaning, helping them to navigate through the home, and medication management (Sollitto, 2016). Another option, is to place them in a facility where there is around the clock care. However, this may cause them to be distraught. With the increase in memory lost for them both, they need around the clock special attention. It is not mentioned that the son is power of attorney over his parents, however it is best that the son be on the same page as the social workers. I think the best option is to keep them in the home with proper

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