Egg Yolk Face Mask Essay

Article 16: Egg yolk face mask
Suggested Title: Egg yolks for younger and healthier skin!
Suggested Title: Egg yolk: The most effective yet the most inexpensive skin care ingredient
Suggested Title: Shield your skin from age damage with egg yolks!

There was a time when a hearty breakfast was unimaginable without egg yolks. However, that was before it was accused of being one of the culprits that increased blood cholesterol levels. Since then, egg yolks have turned into breakfast pariahs and are often discarded in favor of their protein rich twins- egg whites.
Fortunately for the mistreated egg yolk, it found a place for itself in the DIY skin care universe. Make no mistake; egg yolks are not just as good as egg whites when it comes to dermal
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For instance, the yellow, gooey yolks contain a lot of Vitamin A or retinols, which not only rid the skin of cellular debris but also boost the skin regeneration rate.
Cholesterol and essential fatty acids also form a part of the nutritional profile of egg yolks. The jury is still out on just how bad cholesterol is for your arteries. But, there is absolutely no doubt that cholesterol is very good for your skin. The lipid shield that protects the dermal layers contains cholesterol. So, when used topically, egg yolks help to fortify the skin’s defense mechanism.
The proteins in egg yolks, including the famed biotin are absolutely necessary to keep your skin cells healthy and to keep cellular regeneration rates high. Plus, yolks contain selenium, potassium, zinc and sulphur among other nutrients. This is the most complete mineral profile when it comes to acne treatment.
Egg yolks can not only help to prevent pimples but also their natural stickiness helps to remove the sebum and dirt clogged in the pores. So, with an egg yolk face mask, you can get rid of blackheads and pimples in one fell swoop and get wonderfully supple and younger looking skin while you are at

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