Essay on Effects Of Video Games On The Classroom

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‘’Incomplete Students’’ ‘’Most kids don’t put schools first on their list unless they perceive something is at stake. They’d rather be sailing’’. These words of Mary Sherry describes how young students do not take much importance to the bad grades they could obtain based on the work done in the school semester. They care more in sailing into their world that is socializing on the internet, being on the cell phone most of the time as well with the television. Parents of students and teachers should be aware of the education that young students are learning and advise the young students to study and read more rather than play video games or being in the cell phone. In this paper we are going to explore the difficulties that our country is facing when we start to talk about education emphasis and these difficulties are the bad academic skills that school provides, how the grades of students and teachers are deteriorating by the passing of days and how the schools system are in necessity of improvements. In the article, ‘’In Praise of the F word’’, the author Mary Sherry used in a perfect way the strategies of emotional path of pathos, as well as anecdotes, to successfully persuade the audience to believe on her thesis and put people by her side and clarify that the United States of America is facing a bad moment on the academic skills that the different schools from around the SOTO 2 country are giving to their…

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