Effects Of Using Groups On The Learning Outcomes Essay

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Effects of using groups on the learning outcomes in nursing

The problem statement
The patterns of behavior are very important when it comes to studies which deal with the nursing practices. The learning effects and outcomes in most of the institutions are some of the determining factors in the total grading of students especially in courses which deal with nursing care and management practices. The study skills which are extracted from classwork are very important because they assist the students to become better while doing their work. Group study is one of the study skills which are mostly used by students to develop their study skills and to become better when it comes to educational activities (Kong, 2014). There are no skills or strict guidelines which are used in the formation of the groups and therefore this has an impact on the way the groups are formed and the general effect which the group has to the process of acquiring knowledge. In the groups which are formed, the only criterion which us detrimental is the number of times individuals are involved in the groups, the duration which is taken in the group study by the students and the exact number of people who are found in each group presented.
It is the duty of the investigators to therefore determine if the factors which are in play have any impact on the learning outcomes of the students or not. after knowing how the groups will impact on their learning outcomes,…

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