Effects Of Texting On Society

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Noah Galbreath
General Psychology
Ch 13 Research Paper
April 10, 2016
Whenever someone is in need of anything from another they just shoot them at text. It’s no big deal to them. It’s actually very convenient and can save lots of time and effort. Can texting cause a problem for society though? This question is a highly debated topic and will be for years to come. Without question, texting is in many ways an asset to many people around the world. They are able to quickly and easily relay information across continents and borders that can help countries in times of crisis’ or just be able to send messages to friends and family members saying hello or to just catch up with one another. “Many parents already know about the benefits of texting.
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Some may say that texting takes away from reality and doesn’t allow people to experience “real life”. Texting can sometimes have the effect of allowing someone to have a false sense of power. “Power is present in the workplace if you achieve a higher-ranking position, in the government if you are politically influential, in the military, and more. Now, in the 21st century, power is also equivalent to someone waiting on you for a text message response.” This example shows how texting can be seen as a social status and can be represented as a popularity contest. “It does seem people are more comfortable text messaging rather than actually talking with another human, Holguin said. There is no awkwardness or vocal response involved when texting. Young people could virtually say anything through texts and don’t have to commit to engaging into the effects through a vocal conversation.” This quote depicts the sense of safety from texting. Not having to talk to someone in person is easier for some people because they aren’t worried about making a fool of themselves or saying the wrong thing and not being able to respond correctly. This isn’t good for society because at some point, the person texting has to interact with people in person and being behind the screen for so long can cause the person to act differently. This could affect the way that people see this person and respect this person in the future. Texting also gets a bad review from people using it to their advantage against another person. Some people use texting to lure others in to do certain things such as crimes for “rewards” when really, the person will get no reward at all. There are many more examples of how texting is seen as a liability to some and why many think it is starting to control humans.
Texting is seen as an asset and liability to many people across the globe. It is able to send important information quickly but is also used to manipulate and harm

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