Essay: Does Technology Help Or Hinder Our Society

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Chloe Sharp
Mrs. Zumberger
English 10
27 October 2017
Does Technology Help or Hinder Our Society?
Does technology help or hinder our society? Some people may say that it helps, others may say that it hinders, but technology is everywhere in our everyday lives. Wherever you go, technology is there. Some people choose to accept technology, and others choose not to believe in it. Which is okay, but it’s everywhere, so people might as well get used to it. It’s in schools, cars, houses, pockets, and businesses. Technology can help our society with medical advances and with better communication, but because it’s everywhere and it’s at the tips of almost everyone’s fingers, it can cause people to not think for themselves, because they can just look
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Whenever they have a question about something, instead of thinking about it and figuring it out themselves, they can just look up the answer on the internet. Even though some things on the internet are true, you shouldn’t believe everything you read. Many different people can put anything they want on the internet, and not all of it is true. Some people use the internet to take more of an advantage of their first amendment right- freedom of speech. Which means that they will post about how they feel about the world today, and will put up their opinion of things and try to make people believe that it is true. Some people will also use Wikipedia to find the answers to their questions, but that’s not a reliable source. It’s not a reliable source, because anyone can put anything that they want on Wikipedia, so not all the information on there is true. Many people use calculators to help them with their math homework, which is good, because they are helpful, but others overuse the privilege of having calculators. Some people use them to do simple mental math. Also, some kids will use Google to look up their homework answers just to get it done, instead of using their brain to solve the problem. If they just look up the answer instead of actually doing it they won’t do very well on their tests, because they know none of the content from not doing their homework. So, some people are misusing the privilege of having

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