The Importance Of Teamwork In Healthcare Organizations

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There are some challenges which affect the teamwork including when the roles are unclear among team members, they are confused and their communication is unclear (Buchbinder & Shanks2007) .Therefore, patients could experience more stress, poor treatment and unsafe healthcare. One of the biggest challenges that healthcare organizations face is the wasteful staff distribution which happens when charging a group of people to one job rather than just one or two people. There can be a trend for members to sit back and let others do most of the task. Therefore, conflict can happen and could have a damaging effect on the healthcare organization. Also, some healthcare providers may not work as a team and they prefer to work on their own which leads to dissatisfaction (Longo,2010). Disruptive behaviors could have an influence on teamwork. Because physicians have a high positions of power in the healthcare organization, since they are the revenue producers for the healthcare organization, their disruptive behavior may ignore or treat more permissively than other medical …show more content…
In health care, knowledge and talent are not enough (Baker, Day, & Salas, 2006). Teamwork relies on team members which share knowledge, information and discipline of how a procedure should happen. Teamwork is a positive concept and it brings a group of individuals together with professional skills who work for the benefit of the healthcare organization. There are some benefits and challenges that impact the teamwork in healthcare organization. The potential disadvantage of teamwork could let others to do most of the work and create conflict among the team members. Also, team work sometimes could restrict creative thinking. Therefore, medical staff only focus on working not put their own ideas on the project. Lack of creative thinking keeps the healthcare organization from improving and making less mistakes in

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