Effects Of Student Lifestyle Essay

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The Lifestyles Affect the students to be Unsuccessful
Education is the most important key for the students to succeed in life. Most students dream to success with flying colors in their exams, but only a number of people succeed with it. Some students practiced a few of good habits in order to succeed in life, but some students are not. When I was in high school, I had a really hard time with my grade because I always spent most of my time watching the television. I like to watch the television all day and night, so I often overlooked my homework. I was also a popular student among the teachers as they already knew me as “the lazy student” who always did not finish the homework. Because of my bad lifestyle at home, my grade dropped. Thus,
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In these new era of globalization, many social networking companies had established popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and others which they capture the hearts of many students. The students have become addicted to these social networking sites as they are inseparable from their phones, and also they cannot live without their phones. Every day, the first thing that the students always do is checking the notifications in their phones since they are too hookup with these social networks sites. Imagine that your younger sister stayed in her room all day, and she only came out during lunch or dinner because she was glued to her phone. How would you react with this situation when her grades dropped because she neglected her homework and the revisions? The students spend too much of their time by posting some random videos or pictures or scrolling people’s pages. Therefore, this is a big and main distraction for the students, and soon they will lose their focus on studies or when learning in class. Consequently, they will not do any homework or do some revisions at home; thus, the students are not successful in school. I recently read an article in CNN portal by Kelly Wallace about teens addicted to social media.
According to the article, about fifty percent of the teens addicted to the social media. Kelly also said “18 research studies found that Internet addiction might affect between zero and 26% of adolescents and college students in the United States”. In the other words, students nowadays are too attached with social networks sites which make them to be unsuccessful in

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