Causes And Disadvantages Of Internet Addiction

Social media, podcasting and online role-playing games have become a part of our life because Internet nowadays can easily access. We could not consider about the day without it. Unfortunately, Internet addiction affects many people’s lives involuntarily such as grades, school life, Jobs, responsibilities and relationships. However, there are two sides to every coin, there are perks of using Internet in many ways too. This essay will give a definition of the Internet and the social media addiction. Secondly are the signs and symptoms of people who tend to be addicted to the internet. After that are the possibilities of solutions to tackle this problem. The last one is to summarize internet addiction with the recommendations.
“The Internet
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By uploading their photos and selfies to call attention among teenagers. Social media have become successful by smart phones and internet which can access easily. More than a half of young adulthood spends a lot of time with social media. This issue has benefits although drawbacks too. The perks of using social media is it easily receive an information for instance, to find new employment or accessing current global situation which is very updated than other media such as television and newspaper. Now days internet can fill the gap of communication. However, social media also have drawbacks. Most of teenagers use social media in mistaken way, there are many harassment on social network, which harm the users. Some of the user suicide after got cyber bullying which is a serious problem. The social media users are also risk of fraud and fooled by the criminals. There are numerous ways to seduce users to transfer their money to the theft. The major disadvantages for users is wasting times especially in teenagers and adolescents. According to smartphones and tablet at this moment allow users easily connect online. The users spend too much time on internet which can affect their daily life. This habit can cause internet addiction which is a massive …show more content…
We can keep in touch with each other via Skype, rather than to make a phone call which is a lot more expensive. The early platform of communication is costly compare to connecting internet. It makes life more convenient by mean of online transaction rather than queuing and paying in person. With attentiveness, people be able explore the world by internet which is also the biggest library where avaliable all day all night and always updated. Students and designers who would like to update trends around the worlds, to upload and share their works on internet. Many famous artists nowadays successful by published their piece of works on social media. There are also many benefits and drawbacks of internet which perceived differently by each individual

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