Social Media And Psychological Research

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In the world of technology, social media has shaped modern communication by becoming an essential tool and replacing the value of human interaction. Numerous psychological studies have proven that the problematic use of the internet can cause psychological disorders and can impair on our social skills. Due to the dependance of technology, the generation of “auto-correct” faces academic obstacles to write formally and develop the necessary grammatical skills. This essay will argue the psychological and sociological effects of the social media and the internet in the twenty-first century.
Social Media has brought attention to informal writing, communication, and critical-thinking skills that educators expect in academia. For over a decade, technology has become familiar to students to imply the importance of computer skills. Students are taught in kindergarten how to type on a computer and develop the necessary computer skills that’s demanded in present day workforce. “Cyber slang” is often used to describe the language of social media invested students who are constantly exposed to the world wide web and texting. Educators have noticed young students lacking the ability to distinguish formal and informal writing in appropriate
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Today, young students are at risk in losing valuable writing skills expected in academia as well as the social skills that aren’t properly developed for human communication. Evidence from psychological studies indicates that the overuse of social media is an alarming issue that may lead to life-changing challenges. Victims of Internet Addiction Disorder should be looked as prime examples in the prevention of an psychological disorder that may drastically impact lives. Changes in reducing the use of social media and the internet is difficult in the modern world of technology, however, in the long run the benefits of disconnecting out-weigh the

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