Social Networking Websites Do Us More Harm Than Good Essay

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Do Social Networking Websites do us more Harm than Good?
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Do Social Networking Websites do us more Harm than Good? Social networking websites provide one of the primary means of interaction, communication, and socialization for individuals in the modern society. Individuals spend a considerable portion of their time on social networking websites including Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. The recent advancements in telecommunications including tablets, smartphones, and other handheld devices enable people to maintain a continuous online presence. People not only devote a significant amount of time on social media but also constantly check their social media accounts for recent updates. Social
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77). The author implies that individuals do not utilize social networking websites for recreation or communication but embed social media into their lives. Addiction is one of the most adverse effects of social media on individuals and communities. Excessive use of social networking websites causes users to experience obsessive and compulsive behavior to use social media on a continuous basis. Habitual and obsessive users share trivial information, issues, and events through social media without realizing their addiction to the websites. The effects of social media addiction become apparent in instances of inability to access social media websites. Social media addicts experience stress and frustration when they are unable to access their social media accounts through their handheld devices or computers. The addiction to social media influences users to spend a significant amount of time on social networking websites rather than other productive activities. Students and other related individuals believe that they spent a considerable amount of time on different social media websites. These social media activities directly create a negative impact on the studies of these

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