Sexual Content In Advertising Essay

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Women have been used as a marketing tool to sell products and to grab viewers attention. They appear as sexual objects next to the item which advertisers market. Tom Reichert, the head of the department of advertising, and public relations in the UGA Grady College of Journalism states, "Advertisers use sex because it can be very effective." Meaning that people are likely to pay more attention to a commercial if it has some sexual content. Due to that, having sexual content in advertisements such as magazines, commercials, billboards, etc., is impacting young girls and women how they see themselves. To start with, there has been an increase on eating disorders on young girls and women since advertisements became big around the world. Moreover it causes manipulation on a women 's mind to think that is how they should look like. For example, Carl 's Jr uses thin models to promote their burgers and their brand. When models and …show more content…
That is the bottom line why advertisers keep using it. In the article "Do You Think Sex Sells? Think Again" Ira Kalb, Marshall school of Business, USC claims that sex sells for a number of reason, America 's sexual desire of wanting more sexual content in ads, the repetitive that sex sells is used and it programs in people 's brain that maybe sex does sell. To add, it gets attention even though not all attention is positive, it is taboo causing even more attention. Also, sex is used in a lot of advertising, if big companies like Carl 's Jr use sex as a tactic to bring in more people then many will assume it must be working. Lastly sex does sell products. Having this in mind some people are not attracted to these sexy ads, they are offended by how they make women look. In addition it makes the image of the product look tacky, it also distracts viewers attention from what the advertisement was trying to sell. Not only that but it makes the product seem less potential because the company is using sex to attract the viewers

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