Effects Of Pile Up Of Family Stress

Post- Crisis A pile up of family stress essentially means that on top of the initial stressor the family is facing extra hardships (Boss, 2002). Becoming a single parent would be the initial stressor; suddenly finding oneself caring for a child without another parent may feel like a dramatic change to one’s life. However getting evicted or losing a job would be an extra hardship that would contribute to the pile up of family stressors. An extra hardship is not the same for each family. For some single parents, having to adjust to being a single parent may be the extra hardship. For example, a parent who is used to being able to have some time to spend with friends, go to work and spend time with their children while the other parent used to …show more content…
If a parent does not have quality social resources, they may have overwhelming circumstances. For example, if a parent is sick he or she if forced to still care for the children or if an emergency happens a parent may be forced to leave the children home alone or leave them with someone they do not know well. Social resources are a necessity for any family. Families need other people on who they can depend on when something comes up because life happens. However, being a single parent, it may be harder to find those resources. However, these resources are crucial to the well being of the child and the family as a …show more content…
Any way a family can avoid these factors will lower the potential of increasing the risk of family stress. By doing this, a family is more likely to reach positive adaptation after their crisis.
Factors that Decrease the Risk of Family Stress
While there may be factors that increase the risk of family stress for single parent homes, there are also factors that can decrease the risks. First, single parents who have the other parent in their life must be able to successfully co-parent CBS News, 2003). That is important for the children, the other parent and themselves. Being able to positively communicate with the other parent will lessen the stress of the parent as well as the children. One must be able to successfully co parent in order to decreased family stress risks.
It is important for parents to take time to spend with the children (healthychildren, 2016). While it may seem overwhelming to be a single parent and the need to work may come up, it is very important to spend quality with the children for the parent’s sake as well as the children’s sake. While the family dynamic is different it is just as

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