Effects Of Motor Accidents On The United States Essay example

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The United States of America is in a predicament in terms of on the road accidents. Throughout the years, the percentages of motor vehicle accidents have been on the rise. This problem has been brought up many times to the general public. Unfortunately very few people have given this problem the attention it needs, while most people just turn a blind eye to the situation at hand. A majority of the percentages are from accidents caused by driving under the influence. A research study has shown that “over 10,000 persons in the United States general population have were killed as a result of alcohol impaired driving crashes in 2010”. (Scheck, Hoffmann, Proctor, and Couilou, 2013). There are many programs from public health that tries to deal with this issue. Some of the programs do help with the cause. On the other hand, there were programs that do nothing or even worse increase the risk of people in the United States to cause accidents from driving under the influence.

With the percentages of motor accidents in the United States increasing, it is largely important to find and implement the different interventions in order to address the issue of driving under the influence in the United States of America .To help citizens prevent the risk of driving under the influence in the United States, the people in public health have been using the programs that do work in order to decrease the percentages of drunken accidents in the United States. With this statement in mind, this…

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