Effects of Gender Stereotype Essay

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Effects of Gender Stereotypes
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Cooking and cleaning are part of the female gender stereotype
Gender stereotypes are sets of cultural expectations popularly adopted by the mass majority. These roles and expectations are kept in place partly because of the human need to belong. Some cultures have restricting gender stereotypes, while others have become more lenient and accepting of deviation from gender roles.
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Men who are creative and emotional, who don't meet the stereotype, tend to be seen in a negative light.
Gender Inequality * Gender stereotyping assumes that there is inequality in the talents of both genders. Because stereotypes are common in U.S. culture, they often affect the types of jobs men and women can get. For example, many women are hired in the hospitality industry because women are thought of as nurturing, emotional and friendly. Men are often considered for jobs that require strength and physical ability, such as dish washing and construction, and jobs that require emotional control and leadership skills, such as upper management positions. While companies are legally unable to discriminate against either gender, many men and women seek out jobs ascribed to their gender to fit into expectations.
Deviation From Gender Stereotypes * While many people tend to fit into their gender stereotypes to a certain degree because of socialization and the need to belong to one's culture, there are still many men and women who deviate from their stereotypes. Examples of deviation from gender stereotypes include women athletes and CEOs, and men working lower-paying hospitality jobs or staying at home to nurture their children. Gay and lesbian couples also deviate from gender stereotypes. While gender stereotyping still holds a strong place in U.S. culture, many

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