Gender Roles In Greek Culture

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III. Culture a. Religion- United States, Sweden, Afghanistan
The United States contains 51.3 percent of Americans who associate with being Protestants followed by Roman Catholics, while in Sweden 87 percent of the people associate with being Lutheran (The World Factbook, N.d.). Lutherans and Protestants are almost identical religions, Lutherans came from Protestants. Protestants establish clear bounties that support separate gender norms (Tranby and Zulkowski, 2012). In the United States many religions such as Roman Catholics are not in support as same sex marriage or abortion. In a catholic religion women are not allowed to take part in becoming a priest or knights of Columbus. Afghanistan’s main religion is Muslim (The World Factbook; N.d.)
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Mass media plays a big role in stigmatizing gender norms. Movie, music, toys, TV, radio, and the internet all influence the way we view gender roles. The media portrays women in depictive manners in which they are sexualized and subordinate (Collins, 2011). In the recent movie that just came out, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 the grandfather wants his niece to find a “nice Greek boy to marry to make babies” but she wants to focus on getting an education and going off to college. Based upon this movie in Greek culture women are essentially seen to get married and start a family right away. In some music such as rap women are sexually portrayed behind a male vocalist. Most music videos show women dancing in provocative ways and wearing little to no clothing. When do we ever see men dancing around in a music video with a female vocalist? In media woman are seen as unprofessional, nurtures, and “sexual gatekeepers” (Collins, 2011). In popular TV shows like The Simpsons, American Dad, and Family Guy female characters in these cartoons are seen as stay at home mothers who have children and obey their husbands. Mass media has a great influence on the way we view men and women in society. Over 85 percent of people in the United States and Sweden have accesses to media (The World Factbook, N.d.). Certain toys like Easy Bake Oven and Barbie’s typically show girls playing with the toys whereas monster trucks and action figures show males playing with …show more content…
Society- Women have always been seen as emotional individuals are not as stable as men. This is due to the fact that society teaches men that it’s unactable to show emotions (Simon and Nath, 2004). Both men and women are capable of showing emotions yet men fear being called a “sissy” “wimp” or “gay” for showing emotions. Society says that emotions are not masculine but famine. Instead men mask sadness with anger, this is a copping mechanism that men use to hide certain feeling, and this also shows more dominance (Simon and Nath, 2004).
1. Gender schema theory
Sandra Bem’s gender schema theory focuses on the ideology of children learning and being influenced by society’s ideas of gender. The gender schema theory uses schemas, stereotypes, and perception of self and others (Hudak, 1993) as a way to influence gender norms on people. Certain stereotypes are given to males and females. Males and females are taught differently how to present

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