School Habits Affecting Students

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I am a normal student like others, I love the school system and everything. I am not here to complain about anything I just wanted to know a student’s point of view on some of the school things that indirectly affecting students. For example the school schedule its way to early our school starts at 7:20am, but school bus comes to pick us up at 6:3yet th5am. Due to the early bus schedule some of students needs to wake up around 5am early in the morning. What is affecting all the teenager’s sleep and stopping them to get enough rest that their body requires. Why I am telling you this it’s because I’m speaking behalf of all the students of J.E.B. Stuart High School. Can you please allow students to take a short afternoon nap for their better wellbeing …show more content…
After joining a week of school I stated to get headache and couldn’t pay attention to my classes. I went to a doctor who told me the reason why I am sick it’s because of the amount of sleep I got for the first day of school. Doctor told me sleep plays a vital role in good health and well-being for the duration of your life. Getting enough quality rest at the right times can secure your psychological wellness, physical wellbeing, personal satisfaction, and security. The way you feel while you 're alert depends to some degree on what happens while you 're resting. Amid rest can keep up your physical wellbeing. In youngsters, rest additionally helps development and improvement. Rest helps your mind work legitimately. While you 're napping, your mind is getting ready for the following day. It 's shaping new pathways to help you learn and recollect data. Studies demonstrated that a decent night 's rest enhances learning. Whether you 're learning math, how to play the piano, how to idealize your golf swing, or how to drive an auto mobile, rest upgrades your learning and critical thinking aptitudes. Rest additionally helps you focus, decide, and be innovative. Concentrates additionally demonstrates that the lack of rest modifies action in a few sections of the brain. In case you 're rest inadequate, you may experience difficulty deciding, taking care of issues, controlling your feelings and conduct, and adapting to …show more content…
Their mind would function more because it would be easier for them to intake information that is being taught in the class, but now a days its opposite if you go to any school and observe any class you will see a teacher at front and students sitting on their desks. Yet, look closer, and you might notice a familiar trend: many of these students are not paying attention. Instead, they are dozing off or even completely asleep. Today, students of high schools are not getting enough sleep. This is a serious problem, especially for me as student it’s not easy to do all the things that students were assign to do. They come to school early, spend hours listening to teachers, brain storm to take tests, then run off to practices and meetings, and come home to be faced with even more work. And the ton of homework these days is not appropriate for student’s health. Teachers assign hours’ worth of homework each night. Researched showed that teenagers require just as much sleep as they did when they were younger, and they are simply not getting this much needed rest. Most teenagers need at least 9 hour of rest and sleep students get per night in order to stay focused. However the time of this 9 hours moves as a man becomes more seasoned their body 's inward clock changes so it is hard for students to fall asleep before 11pm. So regardless of the possibility that an

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