Essay on Effects Of Depression On The Brain

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Devon (2a) Many people do not exactly know what depression is. People think that someone is just saying they are depressed because they are sad and down. It is because of this thinking that depression disorders go undetected and get underestimated. Depression is a mental disorder causing the levels of serotonin and norepinephrine in the brain to decrease significantly (APA 2014). There are many factors that can cause depression including personality, environment, and genetics. Depression can get passed down in families through genes. Depression can also be caused by environmental factors such as being exposed to violence, abuse, neglect, and even poverty (APA 2014). Personality can onset depression as well. If someone is extremely pessimistic all of the time and self-loathing, this person is more susceptible to depression than someone who is a very positive person and just generally optimistic. Signs of depression can range from just simply being unmotivated to your whole appetite changing and the loss or gain of weight. Depression is a serious disorder that needs to be taken seriously, but it is very easily treated. Some treatments available to those with depression are antidepressants, which is a medication to treat minor depression. Psychotherapy is also used to treat depression. Psychotherapy is about ten to fifteen therapy sessions with the patient and their psychiatrist (APA 2014). The other treatment for depression is electroconvulsive therapy. This treatment is…

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